Running, Running, Running

Ok, so you may be asking “Steve why have you written running three times in the title to this post?” Well my friends the name of this post relates to how many times I managed to run on Saturday. Saturday was my first day off work for a little while and due to the glorious weather I decided running was a good way to get out there and explore some of London.

I had been scheming running a fair few miles on my day off, probably since my last day off. Previously, I had ran two times a day on a few occasions, participating in my local Mile End Parkrun, and then going along to the Nike Run Club from Boxpark near Shoreditch High Street. But this Saturday was like no ordinary Saturday, I wanted to take it to the next level.

So I woke at approximately 6 o’clock on Saturday morning feeling reasonably fresh and ready to run. However due to the Parkrun starting at 9 I chilled for a bit and listened to some, what I would call motivational Drum & Bass music. It was crossing my mind to take the Parkrun steady, however this do not materialise. Because I felt reasonably fresh having not run on Friday (shock horror!) I pushed it a fair amount and got round in a time of 18 minutes exactly, frustratingly 1 second off my 4th PB in a row for the Parkrun but I was happy as I knew I didn’t put everything in. I was also pleased with the fact I was the second person back in my age category of 20-24 and 7th overall. I love Parkruns because they are so well organised, there is a great community feel, and it’s good to get your times and is a great way to shake off the cobwebs from a long week at work etc and start your weekend.

Picture 16

Part 2 of my Saturday challenge as such was to do a 10k with the Nike Boxpark group. This was a really nice 10k, running along Regents canal and around Victoria Park once. It’s great to run with different people and discuss your running and see what everyones been up to throughout their week. Plus Victoria Park is a really nice place to run around in the sun. Another great thing about this Nike club is the community feel and how everyone wants to talk about running and help each other or recommend events/races. This run was also really nice to loosen my legs up after the Parkrun.

Picture 17


The final course of my epic running feast was a 10 miler with a friend of mine called Paul that has run a sub 3 marathon in Chicago, and therefore I knew this would be a good challenge. It’s quite ironic I’ve described my running on this day as a feast because I literally didn’t have time between runs to eat, which isn’t ideal but I guess good training for doing a marathon and not being able to really eat then. I also think it’s good to break up the amount of miles and run with different people to keep motivated. This run was really good for me because I picked up a few gems from Paul and look to use them in my training to try and get sub 3 at Manchester in April. It is also good to get running at goal marathon pace for a change because recently have been running on how I feel and I have been running comfortably and not at a challenging speed. This run was definitely the most beneficial out of the three because we ran at sub 7 minute miles for the 10 miles and I was really pleased with this as could manage it after 15k of running and having not eaten. I think this should stand me in good stead for the rest of my training and will look to run at goal marathon pace more often if only for around 10 miles or slightly more and we are possibly planning to get nearer 6.30 minute miles on one of our next runs just to give us some leeway on that 3 hour time.

Paul had also completed his local Parkrun that morning in a time of 17.59 so pipped me by one second, I was not happy with that! ha I would like to think my course had a couple more hills/pulls haha. Paul finished in first place in what was his first Parkrun, not too bad really. This run we did was pretty muddy and wrecked my new bright yellow Adizero Adios 2s, but there are a lot of things much more important than how clean or what colour your trainers are right!? Catching the tube back, “the train woman” thought I had tattoos on my calfs, due to the dirt I had cumulated throughout the run, would be typical me to do that… not!!


All in all a reasonably productive Saturday/day off, so I treated myself to a Drum & Bass night at Plan B in Brixton. This was a Spearhead Records night and was the icing on the cake for me as I love the Drum & Bass community nearly as much as the running one!


This was the epic line-up, if you haven’t heard of many or any of these artists I definitely recommend checking them out on youtube etc. Drum & Bass is the music to run too, just saying!

To finish this monster of a 3rd blog I would like to give a shout out to some of my new running friends. Rachel is running her first half marathon, the Great North Run this year and has been smashing her running. She completed a 9 miler today, of which I am incredibly proud, because she wasn’t going to go out at one point! I am claiming that I have I inspired her, of which she would totally agree of course!! She’s aiming for a sub 1:30 i’ve heard and will be doing the Marathon des Sables with me at some point in the near future.

Another shout-out goes to Aime and Farid (of which he does not know yet), my flat-mates, because they are going to run their first Parkruns on Saturday and blitz it!

Third and final shout-out goes to Laura White, my new music maker  London running friend, who is running the London Marathon this year whilst focusing on her music. She completed a 10 miler today and I know she will absolutely love and smash the Marathon, good luck (you don’t need luck though!)

If you’re reading this final sentence you have a great attention span and I salute you for sticking with this particular post and reading till the end because I know I couldn’t or wouldn’t want to! haha

Keep running, running, running (any one of those three options!)

Hope you enjoyed the read, feedback and retweets etc greatly appreciated! Till next time!






4 thoughts on “Running, Running, Running”

  1. Mightily mightily impressive running feats. We’re on completely different levels but reading this post (the whole post I might add) immediately made me want to go for run, so I’ll be following you for motivational purposes.

    1. Thank you very much, really appreciate your kind words. To be honest in running I don’t really believe in levels, you either do it or don’t and everyone gets out of running what they want. I like to think of running as a tool and would probably compare it to a swiss army knife! ha I love the fact that this post made you want to run and that you found some of what I mentioned motivational. I will be blogging more often in the future, I’m glad you will be following my journey and using parts of it to motivate your very own!

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