You never know what’s around the corner!!

I thought i’d write a little blog to explain what I’ll be up to in September and how I got there.

It was Saturday 8th February, I had just finished my half day at the London Marathon Store and I was walking around near the store. I was walking to the tube station and almost took a road alongside Spitalfields Market, so glad I didn’t! Instead I thought “I may aswell walk through there to see if anything interesting is happening!” Next thing you know I’m in this cage doing a 30 second football freestyle video to try and win the chance of a trip to Rio.


The video went really well as I always use to kick a ball around in the park or at home down in Devon. I then got an email from the guys running the competition saying I was on the shortlist. Then I got an email saying I was one of the four to be involved in the next part of the competition.

I’m not 100% sure how much I can say about the two days because there may be more videos filling in a couple gaps. However, the experience/challenge was videod and is currently being used in a few forms as adverts in front of other YouTube videos, which is mental!

The video can be watched at Hope you enjoy it, I’m not going to write on here the outcome of the competition so it will be more fun to watch ha. Unless you’ve already seen my tweets and Facebook statuses recently!!

The two days were probably two of the best days of my life and I am looking forward to September!!

Here’s a few shots of what I got up to on the two days



I’m back running a lot now following the Manchester marathon and am looking forward to my next few races. I will post a blog or two soon saying what I’m up to and how training is going for the London BUPA 10k, the Ashmei trail marathon and maybe the Ruby Run, aswell as parkruns etc.

Keep your eyes open and look around corners!!




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