20 Odd Miles!

Something that I tend to do is run a fair amount on Saturdays. This is generally because it’s a day off and I can get up to all sorts and do what I want. This Saturday was no different, in fact it included more odd miles.

The first of my 4 runs was at Hilly Fields parkrun (@hillyfdsparkrun) at 9 in the morning. I went to this parkrun to hand out vouchers for the London Marathon Store but before doing this I ran the course. The course was awesome, it’s a 3 lap course that includes a few grassy sections and a few ups and downs which was great fun! The first couple steps onto the grass made me instantly think of a few cross country races I did at school which I used to really enjoy. The volunteers and organisers at this parkrun (especially RDs @AdelePrince & @slowishrunner) were awesome aswell and I was warmly welcomed by everyone (nothing to do with the vouchers! Haha). I enjoyed the ups and downs of the course so much I ended up surprisingly finishing in second with a time of 18.57, really pleased with that.


So I swiftly left Hilly fields park, after handing out the vouchers, and headed into the city for my 2nd run of the day. This run was a 10k+ run with some friends that run from Nike Boxpark. It was good to catch up with the guys as I have struggled to make a run with them recently due to races etc. The 10k route was a nice one along the canal and around part of Victoria Park. Me, Tim and David decided we were up for a few miles extra as we are all doing the Run Hackney Half Marathon so we carried on along the canal for a bit and headed back to the store.

After a quick pit stop we grabbed some money and headed out for another couple miles, this was the third run. We went to Borough Market to grab some food, it was epic!! The pictures below are from when we did the same thing last week ha



(These photos are courtesy of Harry who unfortunately couldn’t make the running this week due to being ill, get well soon mate!)

The fourth run was the electric run that was around Wembley. It was a cool event. The organisation of it wasn’t great especially when people that had their numbers were in the queue for race pack pick up, but I wouldn’t fancy organising an event with 14 or so thousand people so can’t really say much ha. Apart from that it was fun and it was a good laugh especially because I was running around and messing about with glowsticks with Sarah and David who also run with a few Nike run clubs.


The night was hilarious and this wouldn’t be a good blog about electric run without a picture of David showing off his new neon hair!


(Picture courtesy of Sarah! hope you don’t mind David, photo removal on request.)

Wait I just remembered it was actually 5 runs ha. After the electric run 5k we decided we wanted to get a few more miles in, mainly after being a little frustrated at the lack of running involved in the electric run. We got the tube to Green Park and then ran along the embankment. We then went our separate ways lighting our paths with our glowsticks ha. This run was really nice because it was quiet and we could run however fast we wanted. However the speed was dictated by the fact we had burgers in between these runs, all about getting the balance!

Overall a productive Saturday totalling 20 odd miles!

Speak soon on twitter via @UKRunChat #ukrunchat #fastesthouroftheweek and on Facebook etc.




2 thoughts on “20 Odd Miles!”

  1. Ok, that’s bonkers! You really are race crazy! Thanks for coming along to Hilly Fields, we’re always happy to meet newcomers and pride ourselves on the steepness of our hills and the quality of our mud.

    And yes, Borough Market is a great run destination ๐Ÿ™‚

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