Explorunning, parkrunning, We own the morning!

This weekend began early for me, having Friday off. What better way to start the long weekend than with a 7k run with the Nike Covent Garden guys. They have been doing a morning 7k at 7.30 for the last few weeks and I had been meaning to try and get along for a while. It was a nice route along the river and a great way to start the day.


After this I headed into work to drop my stuff off to then carry on running. I decided to go big and use my run as a way of exploring London (this is where the word explorunning comes in!) I went round Regents park, through Hyde park and along the river past Westminster, it was a decent run. The only thing that wasn’t great was the weather, I got drenched and sunburnt at the same time basically, all fun and games.


The third and final run of Friday was the 5k run at 1 from the London marathon store with the #adidas26rs which was a nice run along the canal. All in all a productive Friday totalling 23 odd miles.

Due to doing a fair bit of running on Friday I decided to do my local, mile end, parkrun. I planned to use it as a loosener/recovery run but this went a bit askew and I got a bit caught up in the race and ended up finishing just 20 seconds off my PB in a time of 18.19. After this I headed into shoreditch to meet up with the guys at Nike Boxpark for a 10kish run. We called this “We own the morning!” Paying tribute to all the nike girls running “We own the night” around Victoria Park that evening. It was a nice route along Regents canal and we weren’t even that knackered so we got in a very professional, band album cover worthy, photo. If we were to put out an album the first track would obviously be BoxParklife!


Next up was the big event, We own the night. Myself and the lads took on cheering duties. This was strange for me as I’ve never cheered/supported before and I was actually getting nervous for the girls running. I caught up with Charlotte from the London marathon store before the start and couldn’t believe how calm she was really. She started the race on her own but then Michelle who is now the assistant manager at Oxford Sweatshop caught her up to pace the rest of the way. It was actually good fun cheering even if what I was cheering was utter rubbish like “good running”, “keep going”, “own the night!” Etc. I think cheering is an art form and I think I will stick to the running for the most part in the future. However I think you should all tweet me your favourite motivational shouts just in case I am having to provide support again.

Well done to all the girls that ran the race, you all “owned” it!! I’m too funny!

After the race I was lucky enough to get into the hospitality tent where I got to meet and have a little chat with Paula Radcliffe.


Sunday was all about the 13 miler I was pacing for work. Considering I had ran 32 miles the previous two days and used so much energy in my cheering/support role at we own the night this was a pretty hard run. We ran a really nice route along the river through Battersea park and over Albert Bridge and back passed Westminster. Luckily the rain stayed away but the wind was pretty mental. Still it was good to get those miles in, after all it’s #themilesmakeus!!

Tweet you later!

Keep explorunning, parkrunning and owning the morning and nights!




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