The BUPA London 10000


On Sunday I ran in the BUPA London 10000. I had been looking forward to this event since getting entry a couple months back. I got entry through being in the top 250 runbritain Grand Prix rankings, not quite sure how that happened but it was a nice surprise and I was more than happy to get entry to what is one of the biggest 10ks in the country.

This event came around pretty quickly and although I’ve been getting in lots of miles for work, running to and from work, exploring and running socially I haven’t really put in any speed work apart from at parkruns. However by getting in a lot of miles I knew my fitness was good going into the race.

Before I get into how my race was I thought I’d share how someone else’s race went. It didn’t go well, well it didn’t go at all. I was on the start line 15 or so minutes before the start, we all hear “not long until the start of the BUPA London 10000!” This prompted a guy standing next to me to ask “how far are we running today?” I replied “10k” he said “so this isn’t the Westminster mile is it?” I then looked at his race number and it was for the Westminster mile. I felt horrible for the guy and he just turned and slowly walked out of the pen and away. So just a heads up to everyone, always check the day of your race!


The event was really well organised from the bag drop & pick up, to the course, support and drums etc. The setting for the race is second to none as you start and finish outside Buckingham palace and the atmosphere was the best I’ve experienced at a 10k. It was quite strange, but good, for me because I was at the front of wave B (due to putting down a slightly slower expected finish time.) I did this because I wasn’t quite sure what I would be capable of coming off the back of marathon training etc. This worked in my favour for the first half or so of the race because I had room to catch up with wave A, this was weird because I was running in a lot of space and it felt as though I was winning the race ha

In terms of pacing for the event I decided to run without a watch or my phone (that I carried around for the Manchester Marathon! Ha) This was quite nice for a change and allowed me to just soak up the atmosphere and enjoy it. I was aiming to run close to PB though and that’s what happened, I finished 13 seconds off and can’t complain with that. Had I carried my phone or used a watch I probably would have got a PB because at the end of the race I felt I had more to give but I am happy with the result.


Another thing that was great about this race was the finishing goodie bag and the medal, they were both epic!!


Unfortunately this blog isn’t very exciting because nothing exciting really happened in the race. I can share with you another strange thing that happened just after the event though. I just got into Green Park tube station and because I had so many bags I went into a corner to put them down and sort all my stuff out. After sorting my stuff out I looked up and there was about 50 or so tourists surrounding me staring at me! I asked “are you okay guys?” and they asked what was going on, so I explained and then with them still staring at me I walked through the crowd to get the tube. Strangest moment ever!

Since the BUPA 10k I have been doing the run club and today I got out for a little hill session in Greenwich Park to ready myself for the Ruby Run Half Marathon on June 8th.



I hope everyone’s running is going well!!




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