A Mile and a Half

On Sunday I ran the Run Hackney Half Marathon and the City of London Mile.

My preparation for Run Hackney was good and bad. Recently I have made more of an effort to taper, similarly to before the Ruby Run I only ran a couple of times during the week. This was also due to sale prep at work and generally being pretty busy. In the last couple of weeks when I have been able to run I have been running up and down some hills in Greenwich Park which has been good.


On Sunday the weather was pretty hot! It was probably the hottest conditions I’ve ever ran in but thankfully there were quite a few water stations and a couple of those mist/shower things even though I missed the first one at mile 8.

The course was pretty good, a bit up and down but reasonably quick. Had it been a cooler day I would like to think I would have PBd. However taking into consideration my not so great preparation and the heat I was really pleased to cross the line in 1:21:56, 1m19s off PB.


As you can see I ran a positive split in a pretty big way but I was always going to tire nearer the end and tend to go off a bit quicker than maybe I should. Something I want to work on soon is pace, I’m wanting to get some shorter distance sessions and hill training in soon.

Something I thought was a clever thing to do was to sign up to the City of London Mile on the same day as Run Hackney. After crossing the Half Marathon finish line I immediately regretted this but I shuffled my way to Leyton and stretched on the tube. There were a couple of reasons I still wanted/needed to do the mile, I love a good medal and I had never ran a mile race before so wanted to see what it was like.

I arrived in good time so was able to watch some of the elites and there was such a buzz seeing some epic sprint finishes, well the whole things a sprint I guess. I really enjoyed the mile once I’d got through the first couple of strides and loosened up a little. It was a good flat route and the atmosphere at the finish line was awesome albeit it was a reasonably small free event (compared to Run Hackney). I finished in a time of 5:42 which I was surprised to see and am happy with, again considering the conditions and having just done the Half.


After the post half marathon “cool down” I was pleased to receive a nice goodie bag and the medal is awesome! Well worth the effort making it across. Plus it was the first time the event has been run so nice to get the first medal and i’m sure there will be many more. I enjoyed running the distance and want to do more mile races soon hopefully with fresh legs next time.


My medal collection is growing and so far this year I have run some big events including 1 mile, 10k, half marathon & marathon distances which has been good. I need to book some more races soon and I’m very open to recommendations. Next up is the British 10k and then the 5 mile Anniversary run in July.

I hope everyone had a good weekend of running!



My Ruby Run return


This weekend I was back in Devon for only the second time in 7/8 months. I used the Ruby Run Half Marathon as a good excuse to get back and see family for a couple days. On the Saturday me, my sister Sar and her boyfriend Greg travelled back from Bath straight to Bude to see my little cousin Tilly smash her triathlon. She finished in second place in her age group and had a really strong finish on the run so I’m sure she will continue to do really well in triathlons and all the other sports she does. After watching the triathlon last week in Hyde park, and then watching my cousin I have been inspired to do them at some point in the future as it looks “fun”! (Fun as in pushing your body to its absolute limits!)

After watching Tilly we headed into Bude, first stop had to be for a pasty!! This is what I would like to think of as good carb loading for the half marathon. Over the whole weekend I was spoilt with food. At gran and grandads were loads of biscuits, at Auntie Kaths was an awesome walnut cake, on the Saturday evening we had Chinese and on Sunday after the run we had all my favourites like potato pasty! Ha this weekend I probably took carb loading to another level!


I had been looking forward to this half marathon for a long time mainly because I wanted to run over the hills and through the trees again. I had run this half marathon twice before with my uncle so I knew it was up and down however I think I forgot just how much. The course starts on a hill and the first couple miles of incline are pretty tough but once you get going and your achilles know what they’re doing it was ok. Similarly to the BUPA 10k I ran without a watch so I was pacing it by feel again. I started off pretty quickly as I tend to do but did well to maintain a good pace. I was running alongside Neil who I had met before through working at Waitrose and we both ran pretty much the whole way together taking it in turns to be infront. This was good as we both pushed each other on. In the end I had a little more left and had a strong finish up the hill into Hatherleigh to finish in a time just over 1:21 in 6th. Well done to Neil for why was a great run and I believe that was his first half in 5 years, really good going! Also well done to Paul Piper who although didn’t achieve a PB that he wanted he ran a strong race in what was tough conditions. Sure you will smash Berlin!



I wouldn’t have got the time I did if it wasn’t for my awesome support team!! When I was running up a hill and struggling for motivation, along whizzed a car and along with it a shout of “Come on Steve!!” (Once which made me jump!) so thank you so much. My supporters included as always Mum, Sar, Greg, Auntie Hannah, Uncle Andrew, Eliza and Tilly. My Auntie Kath, Uncle Dave, Sam and Bex made it along to cheer me on aswell and this was awesome as they had been wanting to watch me play football or run for ages. My support crew also included my sisters boyfriends sister Carrie and mum Debbie and their cheering/support was awesome, I saw them every mile or so and that was a great help on what is a quiet course. It was also hard work because it was quite warm and we were running into wind quite a lot. This is why I’m so happy with a time that is just about a minute over PB.

Overall a great trip down to Devon and something I wish I could do a lot more often.

Really looking forward to Run Hackney which should be fun! Before that though I have some “rest” time and I will be learning some circus skills later this week so if I stop posting so much about running soon the circus has signed me up!