Where I’ve been and what I have planned

I haven’t put out a blog since July but thought it would be good to recap the last 6 or so months and write down what I have lined up for this year.

Over the last 6+ months I haven’t been running a huge amount. I found myself making the excuse that I didn’t have enough time but as we all know it’s more about making time. I have realised that running is an important part of my life and something I need to keep up.

Although I hadn’t run much I still did a few races. This included the Run Through Hyde Park 10k that I did in 37:33 and the Royal Parks half marathon which was a great event. The course was awesome and having crowds all the way round was a great help especially as I wasn’t in the best shape. I finished it in 1:27:30 and was happy with that considering the lack of training.



One of my personal highlights of the last 6 months was the trip to Rio that I won. How I won the place on the trip can be seen here:


The trip was amazing! We got to try a lot of different sports (most of them I was terrible at! Ha). We tried capoeira, volleyball, and rowing. We also got to play football against kids from the favelas and go for a run along the beach. Another highlight was the tour of the Maracana stadium and the derby between Fluminese and Flamengo. The atmosphere was electric.


The trip up to Christ the redeemer was pretty special aswell!


So far this year I have started stepping up my running again. It is going to take some time to get back to PB shape but I have made good progress. I have done a few 10k races and most recently did a parkrun. I did a 10k in Richmond park in 39:46. I also did the Run Through Brixton 10k and the Mornington Chasers Regents Park 10k doing the last race in 36:57. This is 58 seconds off PB so I’m not far off the level I was at this time last year. The parkrun I did was Southwark and I surprisingly finished 1st in a time of 18:06. This is 43 seconds off PB so again happy with that.


I have a lot of races around the corner so I will be looking to up the miles and pace in the next few weeks. I am doing the following races:

Old deer park Half possibly
North London Half
Reading Half
Brighton Marathon
Run Hackney Half
Ruby Run Half possibly
Bupa 10k
Westminster Mile
Race to the Stones 100k
Great North Run
Bristol+Bath Marathon
Plus other 10ks and lots of parkruns when possible etc

I’m really looking forward to all of these events and seeing what I can achieve. I enjoy running fast and far so am glad I’m signed up to a variety of distances.

I have recently joined Strava so if you’re on there add me. You should find me if you search Steve Skinner.

I hope everyone’s running is going well leading up to what is a busy period in the road running calendar with all the big marathons coming up.

Hope to catch up with you all soon whether it be on a run, Twitter or Facebook etc.