London Marathon 2015 Weekend

I’m just going to start by saying the weekend just gone was absolutely epic! Here’s why…

I’m going to include Friday in this recap because it was such a great day. Working at The Running Works means I get to meet amazing inspiring people daily whether they are training for their first 5k or they have won an European Championship gold medal. On Friday we were lucky enough to be hosting a Q&A and run with Jo Pavey. The main reason for the event was that she has recently joined adidas after being sponsored by Nike for a long time. Now I don’t know the ins and outs of it but I do know it’s a great deal for adidas and Jo, and as she expressed in the Q&A there are very exciting times ahead. I look forward to following how she gets on in the next few years. I was lucky enough to hear from Jo at the Brighton Marathon expo aswell and I still can’t believe how humble she is.  

   The run was out to Shadwell Basin and back (a nice route we tend to do for the work run club on Thursdays at 1pm).

After the event I decided to head out to the London Marathon Expo. I went on Thursday for an hour or so with Kip and Nikki from work but didn’t have much time to check out different brands etc so it was good to spend a couple of hours there. I bumped into Rachel and a friend of hers so it was good to wonder round with them. We tracked down the Hoka One One stand and I tried on the Cliftons. I was pleasantly surprised how light and comfortable they were, I may get some for getting in the miles training for Race to the Stones. After blagging a free visor and t-shirt we then headed to the Garmin stand. It was cool to see Steve Way there. Thinking he had to pull out of London due to injury I asked him about his training for Edinburgh etc. He recovered quickly so although it was a struggle he managed to get another place for London. Steve is similar to Jo in the fact that he is really laid back and incredibly humble. His passion for running and endless amounts of energy are infectious. He spoke to us about all the Garmin watches he has and was really helpful.  

 I love living in London when the marathon is on because you get to meet so many inspiring people. It obviously helps working in a running specialist store too.

On Saturday me, Helena (@the_fitadvisor) and Matt (@thebaldrunner) headed to the North Downs Way to get in some decent trail miles. We did just over 20 miles as Helena is training for the Edinburgh Marathon which is in just less than 5 weeks. It was really good fun and I’m sure we will organise more long runs on the NDW soon, so if anyone wants in drop me or one of us a tweet or something.  

     The photos are courtesy of Matt & Helena.

Now I suppose I better mention the small race that occurred on Sunday. It’s called the London Marathon or something. Only 38,000 odd people do it, I’m not sure why! Ha no let’s be serious about this, the London Marathon is an amazing event! It’s such an incredible thing to witness so many people giving absolutely everything to cover 26.2 miles in as shorter time as possible. It was great to see so many of my friends participating and achieving such great times! You know who you are! Well done! 

I wish I had run it on Sunday but then again I now have almost a year to get into the shape of my life to smash it. Plus it will be good to do The Great North Run and a couple more marathons first.  

     It was awesome to witness Paula Radcliffes last London Marathon. I’m so glad she had a great run and 2:36 isn’t too shabby! It’s also amazing to think the women’s winning time was 2:22 some 7 minutes slower than Paula’s record. It will be some time until that record is beaten. 

It was also great to see Paul Martelletti (@marders) aka Spider-Man flying through London to set a new “running in a superhero costume” world record!  2:30:12! I’m wondering if he’s annoyed about the 12 seconds but I’m sure his attention is elsewhere gearing up for Wings For Life in Australia at the weekend. It’s pretty cool to be running with him on the track at Mile End Stadium for Run-Fasts #TrackTuesdays (7.30pm for those of you that are interested). 

After watching from the amazing #Mile21 with Run Dem Crew for the majority of the day me and Helena decided to watch some of the runners finishing. We were at the finish around 5 o’clock and it was incredible to see how determined those runners were to finish. One lady was being carried across the finish line by two marshals. I then headed to Covent Garden to catch up with Rachel (@therachelgshow) who I hadnt seen for a year and a half. She was in London to watch the marathon and has become inspired so will smash Edinburgh Half! I know for a fact she will sign up to a marathon soon! (She’ll try to tell you otherwise!)

Overall a pretty hectic but amazing weekend. This week has been fun so far, I’ve managed to run with the old Boxpark crew, do #TrackTuesday and get in an hour of running today. Roll on Wings for Life at the weekend where manic May begins!

I hope those of you that ran at the weekend had a great time and are incredibly proud! Speak and run with a lot of you soon!




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