Review: Salomon X-scream 3D

A few weeks ago I received an email asking if I wanted to try out the Salomon X-scream 3D trainers and give them a review. Having wanted to run in some Salomon trainers for a while I jumped at the chance to get my feet in them. The reason I’ve wanted to try them is that since I’ve got into running more I’ve seen their amazing videos on YouTube. If you haven’t already seen them check out the Salomon Trail Running YouTube page. Personal favourites are “Why we run”, “The Original”, “The Ultimate Fan” and “Of Fells and Hills”.

Another reason I wanted to try the X-scream 3Ds was that I’ve been running around London including up to and around Hampstead Heath where a mild trail shoe has been required when the trails are dry and firm. I am also in training for Race to the Stones 100k so have been trying to run off road more often. I was excited to receive the trainers and my first impression was good as I think they look pretty cool. Working in a running specialist store I know it’s not about aesthetics but at the end of the day everyone wants something that has style and substance. This shoe definitely has style but would it have the substance.   I put them on straight away. These are the first trainers I’ve owned that have quicklace. I quite like this as it means you can get out the door quicker. I tend to run in the mornings, often straight after waking up. The fit for me feels a little generous due to the fact I normally wear an adidas size UK 12 and the shoes I have tested are also 12s. However I will continue to do some of my longer runs in these trainers so a little room is probably a good thing. Having ran in the Adidas adios and adios boosts for the last couple of years I have gotten use to quite a lightweight, reasonably narrow fitting shoe. Therefore at first the X-screams felt quite heavy but at 290g it’s not bad for a well cushioned longer distance trainer. 

I planned to take them out for just a few miles but due to them being really comfortable I ended up doing 10+ miles. These miles were all on road and the grip seemed good as I went round corners and changed direction.  In the last few weeks I have ran approximately 30-40 miles in the X-screams. I have done a few runs on firm trails and the grip has been good. In wetter conditions I will probably opt for a trail shoe with larger lugs but for long training runs along the canal, around Victoria Park and up to Hampstead Heath I will use these trainers a lot. One issue I have had with them is that the plastic cup in the heel is quite high and therefore has rubbed on occasions. Due to the weight and firmness of the shoe I will probably continue to do most of my mileage in my beloved adidas adios and adios boosts but there is definitely a place for these shoes in my training. 

I have been impressed with the X-screams and with just a few minor tweaks it would be a great shoe. I am incredibly tempted to buy some S-lab Sense 4 Ultras now as they have been receiving some good reviews but for now I will continue to hit the city trails.

I will be attending a Salomon community run in Fulham on the 27th May so it will be good to test some more of their kit then. Lookout for a post about that.

Has anyone else tried any Salomon trainers recently? How have you got on in them? Let me know by tweeting me or messaging on Instagram @StephenSkinner6.

See you on the city trails! 



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