Stepping into the unknown 

On Sunday 7th June I joined Advent Running (arcollective) for their Bridges Ultra. The reason I decided to do this was I have Race to the Stones 100k on July 11th and I thought running 50k before taking on 100k might be a good idea. It was also good timing as I’d just finished a long stretch of races throughout May, so it was good to not worry about pace so much but get some (36) miles in. We started at 9am and the route was along the River Thames and we crossed every bridge along the route until we arrived in Richmond. 

The weather was pretty hot so it was good for me to practice keeping hydrated and eating on the run. We stopped at various bridges for photos and to make sure the group was all together, this was good as I need to know that when I am tired in Races to the Stones I can walk parts and then get running again. Due to racing the Bristol 10k and PBing by 30 seconds and because I had ran a fair bit during the week I was pretty tired but it was a confidence builder to know I could for further than a marathon. 

When we got to the 42k point I was knackered but I then had a strange out of body experience. I felt almost as if I couldn’t run any further but at the same time my body was running a 8 min/mile pace for a few miles alongside James Poole (one of advent running’s founders). Somehow we lost our bearings and headed back East for a few kilometres meaning the run would end up being 58 instead of 50k but I think that’s a good thing really. I would “just” have another marathon to go come race day! 

It was a great day of running and I enjoyed sharing the journey with the advent runners.   I rest for a couple of days after the ultra run but then got in a few miles in the latter part of the week. On Saturday 13th I joined friends for a trail run along parkland walk and around North London. I decided to carry on running and luckily Andrew is training for Race to the Stones aswell so we ended up doing a fair few miles. Andrew ended up doing 30 miles and I did 27.5. I decided to cut the run that littl but shorter because of the long run the Sunday before and I took part in and was working the City of London mile on Sunday 14th June.   My decision paid off as I somehow managed to PB the mile in 5:02, which seems kind of crazy the day after running 27.5 miles. Oh well, I’ll take it and hopefully when I’m fresh before a mile race at some point I’ll get into the 4s. 

I know I said I wasn’t going to race much in June but I’m about to head off to the LBH relay near Westminster Bridge and I’m probably going to do the Orion Fell Race on Friday evening before trying to get in some big runs on Saturday and Sunday. I will also be at the women’s Nike 10k supporting so that should be fun.

See you out there

Steve x


One thought on “Stepping into the unknown ”

  1. That’s an absolutely phenomenal mile time, particularly after a long run! Well done. This was a really interesting read for me as I know James Poole well from his Run Dem Crew days. I’m planning to cheer the Nike Women’s 10K too, so perhaps I could run into you there?

    I’m also doing Race to the Stones but just the 50K version. Have you done ultras before?

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