Richmond Park Half Marathon 2015

Last Sunday I ran the Run Through Richmond Park Half Marathon. As with all the Run Through events it was amazingly well organised and so smooth in terms of picking up my race number, dropping my bag etc. If only I was as organised as them! So I knew there were railworks going on and that I would have to either bus it, walk or run from Hammersmith, but being lazy I didn’t really research the route. I also didn’t take into account how much slower my walking pace is compared to running and therefore left myself a bit short of time getting there. I tweeted the other day saying how I sometimes leave a minimal amount of time to get to a place so it becomes a running challenge. I tend to only do this on occasions when it doesn’t really matter if I’m late but it still feels like a running version of a Top Gear challenge to me!

Right where was I, Sheen gate that’s where I was. Making up for my poor planning skills before, I nipped to the loo, before collecting my race number, as the queue was short. Something my “pacer” didn’t think of doing. I say pacer but if I’m honest we don’t really know who was pacing who and neither of us were aiming for a time. I spontaneously signed up to the race in the middle of the previous week and then Helena followed suit having seen the deer medal. It looks a lot like Bambi but I’m sure it’s probably called Barney or something or looks slightly different for copyright reasons. Casual as you like we headed to the start line having speedily sorted bags etc.  

 Photo of where I finished my run on Saturday, Hampstead Heath. I stopped to start following the Western States 100.

Helena had already run 7 miles to the start and I’d done 17.5 miles the day before so we basically decided to run at “party pace”. This was only the fourth time I’ve run a half marathon with someone else, two times I ran with my uncle and once was to about 10k at the Hackney Half with Alan. It’s good to run with someone and chat all the way round, the miles go quickly. Also because the route was 4 loops I didn’t really seem to notice that which could’ve been annoying if racing. For most of the run it didn’t feel like we were in the middle of a race. I guess that’s due to running steadily and there not being large crowds. That being said though at around halfway we got a rapturous reception from a young boy. When I say rapturous I mean he was clapping. I compared this to the London Marathon Tower Bridge moment! Big! 

I knew that another friend of mine was running and gunning for a PB. Nicolas achieved that PB in around 1:27. He stayed after and gave us high fives just before we started our last lap. We got round the last lap knowing the medal and a roast dinner was waiting for us. We finished in around 2:20, averaging around 10 min/mile, which was a good pace for the both of us and good to get some trail miles in. Helena tried to outsprint me at the finish and although the photo shows she did that, when the results came through we got the same time and I was placed infront, result! I love chip timing!  

 I’m smiling thinking “My chip time will mean I’m higher in the results!” Haha

After crossing the finish line we collected our medals and tucked in to some flapjacks etc which is another reason I love the Run Through events. 

After the race we eventually located a pub that served roasts. Yep that’s right, we came across a pub that didn’t serve roasts on a Sunday, pure madness! The roast was epic and was great recovery food and carb-loading all in one. So much so that after a power nap I was able to do a quick 10 miles around Viccy Park in the evening. 

Overall an enjoyable and pretty busy weekend of running. I hope everyone that’s been running and racing lots recently has been having fun. 



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