Trail running in the Black Forest

This post is a little overdue but I’ve wanted to write about my trip to the Black Forest for a while. Bart was chief organiser having done the trip for a few years with friends. Prior to Lorna, Emily and my arrival they took part in the champagne half marathon dressed as Bogans and had done a few big mileage days through the forest, it sounded like a great laugh and the pics are hilarious.
Lorna, Emily and I flew out on Wednesday the 1st of June. With trail marathons/ultras lined up we were all looking forward to some long days trail running. On the Thursday we ran from Vohrenbach to Titisee, it totalled 21km roughly and didn’t include much climbing so it was a nice steady first day.  



Once we arrived in Titisee Lorna, Emily and I had a bit of spare time so we grabbed a coffee and then decided to round the run up to 25km by running around the lake. 

In the evening we had a few beers and some great food, I had to have Black Forest Gateaux at the first opportunity! 
 The route we were following was the Westweg trail. Bart had given us maps and a description of the route broken up into sections. On the second day we ran from Titisee to Wiedener Eck via Feldsee and Feldberg (the highest point in the Black Forest at 1,493 metres).  

Unfortunately for us the weather was pretty rubbish so the views were very similar to staring at a white piece of paper. Luckily though Bart showed us pictures on his phone from the year before when the weather was perfect, it would’ve been amazing! Oh yeh I almost forgot, we stopped for lunch in a really cosy cabin on the Friday. Because it had been cold and wet on the top of Feldberg most of us had a hot chocolate with cream to warm up, it was the best thing ever. Actually maybe the sauna and pool at the hotel was the best thing ever! Ha I really enjoyed the second day despite the poor weather. We covered 35k and had done a fair amount of climbing and some of the views were awesome.  


 Also in the afternoon there was a lot of running downhill and there were times when Bart and I could speed on.

On Saturday we travelled another 35k. We went from Wiedener Eck to Kandern. The whole trip was really well organised and it’s so good that the German Tourist Board take your luggage from hotel to hotel so all you have to worry about is your running bag. There was a fair amount of uphill in the first half of the day and after covering a decent amount of mileage the previous two days it took us a fair while to get to 10k or so. 

It was good that the distances between hotels weren’t too big and we could take our time and not worry about it. If we had wanted to increase our mileage it would’ve been really easy to do. On our way to Kandern we passed through a start/finish gantry for a race. It was a race 11k in distance with 1,000m of elevation gain, sounded “fun”!

The food we had all week was amazing; for the most part it was locally sourced. It’s one of the main reasons I want to go back in the next couple of years and run a larger section if not the entire Westweg trail (285km). One of the standout meals was in a really nice restaurant in Kandern. I opted for the duck with an orange sauce; it was probably one of the best meals I’ve eaten (good suggestion Bart).

On our final day in the Black Forest Lorna, Emily, Bart and I opted for a 5k walk to a little village near Kandern. We thought it would be a good way to shake our legs out and we stopped off for a drink. The whole trip flew by, ideally we would’ve been there longer and spent more time out on the trails each day. There’s always next year I guess.

See a lot of you soon



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