Adidas Runners #UnlockPeckham

On Friday 28th of October I took part in the Unlock Peckham Adidas Runners event. Since the Adidas Runners started a few months ago unfortunately I have only managed to make it to a couple of their runs but I’ve been keeping a close eye on their facebook page as I knew they would have cool events lined up. As soon as the Unlock Peckham event was posted I signed up because I thought it would be good fun as Team North, captained by James & Claudi, would take on Team South. I signed up for Team North as I used to live North of the river and I often run with the advent running guys, it would’ve been wrong to run for Team South despite now living near Oval.

I left work at 6:30pm and ran to Peckham. On the way there I was wondering what the event would be like, all I knew was the route would be around 6k or so and we would split up into three pace groups. As I was nearing Peckham I bumped into Tony To, we helped each other navigate our way to the meeting point. The Adidas Runners set up is really cool; the bag drop van/trailer is awesome and they had done up one of the warehouses in the industrial estate.

Adidas Adios 3 X Stance Crew

I dropped off my bag, put on my Team North/Team Orange bib and caught up with a few friends I hadn’t seen in a while. Photo courtesy of adidas running

After a short wait James Poole got the show on the road, he explained how the run would work and how we would be split up into groups etc. We then went through a quick warm up led by Claudia, Ash and I demonstrated how to do the perfect squat! Ha

Once we’d warmed up we got into our paced groups, I opted for the sub 23 minute 5k group led by James and sub captains Coren and Heidi. Our groups (Team North) were well split up; we had about 25 or so people in each group, which was good. The challenge was, as a group, to beat Team South back to the warehouse. Therefore it was all about working together and encouraging the person at the back. We had a bit of a dodgy start as we ran straight towards a locked gate, how ironic. This only cost a few seconds and then we were back on course. The route was really well marked the whole way round, there were little orange/blue arrows to direct us and marshals were positioned at major crossings/points. The teams were going in opposite directions so we wouldn’t know who was in the lead until we got to the half way mark (3.25k). To begin with the route was a little busy with some road crossings but we soon reached quieter areas and got onto a decent pace that everyone was happy at.

The course was nice and varied; it included one hill, which was around halfway and was lit up in orange and blue. It was along this stretch that we passed Team South, despite being in competition we shouted words of encouragement to each other and high-fived. It looked as though it would be close between the two teams although they were spread out more but there was less of them. We pushed on and covered the next few kilometres pretty quickly. At points of the route there were posts and other various “urban” obstacles. We worked well as a team to give each other a heads up and avoided collisions.

With a couple of kilometres to go we made our way up a little hill, we were rewarded with a great view of London all lit up. One of the best things about doing events with brands is that you normally end up running around new places and get a different perspective of the city. Within the last few kilometres we ran passed Advent Running/Adidas Runners regulars Spencer and Simon who were marshalling. Good work lads on volunteering to help out. We made it back to the warehouse and unfortunately Team South/Team Blue was already there. It was disappointing but we knew that it would come down to the last group in deciding which team won overall.

We all grabbed some pizza and beers and awaited the arrival of the second and third groups. Out of the second groups Team North arrived back first and then it was down to the final group.

Luckily for us the first colour we saw flying through the gates was orange, Team North ran the best on the night. It wasn’t by much as 30 seconds or so later Team South came into view. The running was done, we all enjoyed the free food and beverages and then Ash and I decided to run down the road and home.

Overall the event was really good fun. In the last few weeks Adidas have put on some really cool events, including the Urbanathlon with the Brownlee Brothers that I unfortunately couldn’t make. I definitely recommend following what the Adidas Runners are up to, I’m sure there will be great events coming up.

On Saturday I ran my first parkrun in a while and was happy to finish in 17:12 despite running on tired legs. I feel like I’m getting some speed back now that it’s been four weeks since Cologne Marathon. Hopefully with going to track regularly and racing cross-country etc I can keep up the momentum.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed their running whether racing or training.

See a lot of you soon.




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